Omer and Laurraine Ringuette

Trusting a broker is difficult and scary! Hearing such nightmares of many, it's comforting to know that we are in trusting hands with Richard Bylsma, Aesica Financial. He has made our annual, and in between, meetings enjoyable and pleasurable, even though we don't always understand all the lingo. Richard guides us with high standards of honesty, advice, and caring for his clients, it's clear he goes the "extra steps", always first, for his clients! Richard often sends emails with information of all levels of life to keep us in the "know" of things! We have dealt with Richard the years when we were still working and now (for 5 years) we are retired, and confident for our financial future! We would not hesitate, even for a moment, to recommend Richard Bylsma, Aesica Financial to our family and friends!

Derek & Annette Cook

We have been a client of Richard’s since day one. We have been impressed by Richard’s financial acumen, his ability to communicate in layman’s terms, and the results of his investment recommendations / decisions. Richard has proven time and time again an ability to outperform the TSX while managing our risk appetite. Particularly reassuring to us is our feeling of certainty in the absolute integrity of Richard’s dealings with us. We have no concerns in recommending Richard to any of our friends and family.


Richard has played an integral role in building our personal financial well-being through RRSPs, and TFSAs. He has always been available to answer questions, do the legwork and research to make sure the investments are on track with our future needs, and that we have an understanding of where our finances are headed.

Aesica Financial is an advising company I can trust to make wise recommendations based on wherever we are at in our savings goals. Richard takes the time to explain transactions in layman’s terms to ensure a thorough understanding.

Darcy Hale

If you are looking for someone who can help you with your retirement planning that has a deep understanding of the industry and the options available, there is no better professional out there than Richard.

Aline & Blake Smith

I have known Richard for 20 years. He continually impressed me with how thorough he was in all aspects of his daily work life. He has always been an honest, open person, very detailed, and a straight shooter.

When Richard took over Aesica Financial I knew that I wanted to be a client. I wanted Richard to show my wife and I how we can grow our money, maybe more so after the last financial meltdown, how we can KEEP our money. I’m not a risk taker, and at 50 years of age this wasn’t the time to take risks.

What we appreciate the most is the way Richard has been very hands on, showing us the reasoning behind decisions made to keep our finances moving in the right direction. He’s patient, knowledgeable, has a keen understanding of the marketplace, and explains in clear language what is happening within our portfolio and where he wants to take it.

If anybody is looking for a financial planner, I pass on Richard’s name with no hesitation.