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Budget Your Way to Financial Independence

For the book The Millionaire Next Door, researchers asked the question, 'Do you know how much your family spends each year for food, clothing and shelter?' Almost two thirds (62.4 percent) of the millionaires said 'yes.' Only about 35% of non-millionaires said they did, even though they are high-income earners.

The millionaires also budgeted very carefully for savings and most save 20% or more of their gross income. Few save less than 15%. 'Why save so much,' you ask? Quite simply, for emergencies, opportunities and to provide future income.


We are Moving!

During my last correspondence I mentioned some news about my company name changing to Aesica Financial and gave a brief description as to what brought that change about. I also mentioned that the Sherwood Park address was going to be changing but had not confirmed the date yet.

The date is now confirmed to be July 20, 2018. Any meetings at my office after that date will be at the new location.

The new office address will be:

Daily Choices of Financial Freedom

Most people want financial freedom over financial servitude. Who doesn't want to be financially independent, where their money is working for them rather than working for their money? The problem for most Canadians is that financial freedom can be a struggle of living paycheck-to-paycheck or where spending tends to win out over savings. Ultimately, financial freedom is not so much a single choice to attain it, but about daily choices that can make it a reality.

Late Career Retirement

A few years ago, when the federal government restored the OAS eligibility age back to 65, many Canadians breathed a sigh of relief. When eligibility changes were originally implemented they only affected those under age 54 as of March 31, 2012, but it became apparent that even an extra few hundred dollars a month in retirement could mean a lot to many future Canadian retirees.

Announcement - We are Changing our Name!!

Recently I was contacted by a Canadian Credit Union that was interested in purchasing my business name as their own because it matches their marketing strategy. In all my years running a financial advisory practice, I've used the trademark and business name of Legacy Financial. While most clients are familiar with the business name, I have observed that the company name is of far less importance to most clients than the individual financial advisor they are dealing with.

De-Dollarization and You - Part 2

The US has been Canada’s largest trading partner for decades, so our economy is closely tied to the fortunes of our southern neighbour. In addition, because the US economy is still currently the largest in the world, whenever an investor implements or revises a financial strategy, it is always important to consider how US Government policies affect the Canadian economy in positive and negative ways.